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Assault charges are common and require immediate action.

Assault covers a large range of offences. Our skillful lawyers have experience in all types of assault cases, in particular spousal, assault with a weapon, aggravated and sexual assault.

Domestic or Spousal Assault

Spousal assault charges are amongst the most common under the Criminal Code. These offences can be verbal and/or physical in nature, and occur in a domestic situation.

With proper handling and management, your assault case can often be resolved without any criminal charges or record.  It is critical to retain an experienced assault lawyer in the early stages of the matter to obtain the best result. The lawyers at Bolton Law have a great deal of skill and knowledge in handling spousal assault cases.

Sexual Assault

Nothing is more devastating to a person’s reputation than being accused of a sexual offence. The defence of such allegation begins at the outset of the investigation. Often defence investigations conducted by an assault lawyer will reveal facts, which can be used to persuade Crown counsel that the case is not reliable and should not be prosecuted.

Related sexual assault offences include:

  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Sexual interference
  • Invitation to sexual touching
  • Child pornography

If prosecution occurs in an assault case, our goal is to establish reasonable doubt. Having a criminal lawyer experienced in handling assault charges on your side is essential in your defence.



R. v. S.R., 2017 BCPC – Judge Gaffar

The accused was charged with sexual assault and sexual interference of a minor. At issue in this trial was credibility of the witnesses. Judge Gaffar found that the accused’s evidence left her with a reasonable doubt and acquitted the accused of sexual interference and sexual assault.

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